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The Recovery Coach

I am passionate about recovery and believe strongly that people in recovery are courageous and admirable, frankly the people I like to be around. So it makes sense that I hold competent recovery coaches in high regard, these individuals bolster and sustain recovery regardless of what that recovery looks like.

But what is a recovery coach?

When I explain the role to friends and colleagues, they are often surprised to learn the unique skills and tools a recovery coach possesses but also struck by the things a recovery coach does not do.

For those of you also curious here is a very simplified list of five things a good recovery coach does do and does not do.

The ‘dos’ of a good recovery coach:

1. Believes their client can lead a meaningful and purposeful life not defined by substance use or problematic behaviours

2. Is ready to support their client develop the elements of recovery best suited for that client

3. Advocates connection both between the coach and the client and also between the client and recovery supporting elements available to that client

4. Promotes accountability, between the coach and the client and between the client and themselves

5. Is always learning, listens more than they speak and is constantly improving their skills and practices

The ‘do nots’ of a good recovery coach:

1. Constantly gives advice and direction to the client; ‘tells’ the client what is needed to sustain recovery

2. Provides service and practices outside of their role as recovery coach

3. Allows their own biases and perspectives to colour their relationship with the client

4. Does not respect the client’s time, circumstances and realities

5. Speaks and directs more than they listen and motivate

The above is simplistic but the point behind this post is to provide some of the core competencies of a good recovery coach.

Recovery is valuable and inspiring and recovery coaches that sustained it must always be focused on what they do and, as important, what they do not.

We at Optimal Recovery Coaching Associates are here to train qualified and competent recovery coaches.

Please reach out to us anytime at:

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