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We are orca

Optimal Recovery Coaching Associates

Qualified trainers and providers of Recovery Coaches dedicated to the provision of the highest quality Recovery Coach services.

Impact of a
recovery coach

 Everyone should have the opportunity to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.


Support and empower those on their journey in recovery. As a trained Recovery Coach you can offer effective and cost accessible services to those working to overcome the challenges of recovery. 

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What is recovery Coaching?

Evidence-based practices and support for people in recovery as they develop meaningful and purposeful lives.

Recovery Coaching is unique and complimentary to other forms of recovery support like counselling, treatment, support groups, and sponsorship.


Specific to the role of the Recovery Coach, you can become trained and certified based on the most up-to-date research, techniques, and analysis. ORCA provides industry-leading training that will empower our coaches to help people in recovery build and sustain their recovery capital. 


Become certified and learn to train others too.

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Recovery Coaching


This is an in-depth 40 hour training program consisting of both in-person or online instruction and self-directed learning and assignments.

Recovery Coach supervised 


This is a 10-hour practicum where graduates of the RC Course can attend and receive valuable supervision and mentoring from ORCA trainers as they navigate the challenges of becoming qualified and competent Recovery Coaches.

Skills For Organizations


These courses are for organizations looking to train and empower their employees and associates with specific and life-changing recovery coaching skills. In addition to core competencies, courses and skills will be tailored to specific organizational needs.

for Healthcare Professionals


This 3-hour overview equips clinicians working with patients/clients suffering from addiction as well as mental and medical co-occurring disorders, to understand the roles and range of services offered by Recovery Coaches to optimize their utilization.

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